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Left Field

The Snake Run

3pm // 19.04.2016

Time for an Australian skateboarding history lesson. Check out a rad 20-minute documentary on Western Australia's Albany Snake Run – the oldest existing skatepark in the world, built in 1976.

"Away Days is gonna kill me".

Lakai presents The VA2, Vincent Alvarez's second pro shoe. Check out some high-speed shredding from Vincent, and watch him and his crew test out the shoe over a BBQ and beers.

Pearl Jam's Jeff Ament invited Volcom to his bowl in Montana. Watch Louie Lopez and Pedro Barros shred, and artist Don Pendleton discuss his new collaboration with The Stone.

Etnies wrap up their Est. '86 series in chapters four and five, covering their huge array of riders over the years, outside avenues, and giving back to skateboarding instead of pocketing profits. Check out both episodes here.

Chapter three of the Etnies saga covers their legendary High Five video, the Sal 23 shoe and the creation of éS and Emerica.

The history lesson continues in chapter two of the Etnies Est. '86 mini-documentary.