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Carnes Hill Skate Plaza Clip

2pm // 06.07.2016

Sydney – there's an epic new plaza out West in the City of Liverpool, and it opens on July 30. Get your sneak peek at the fresh 'crete in this video by George Kousoulis.

Featuring Nik Stipanovic, Cody Riley, Levi Jarvis, Jack O’ Grady, Rhys Grogan, Billy Lukins, Ryder Lawson, Cameron Markin, Michael Mieruszynski, Erik Cole, James Hoy, Dean Parsons, Thomas Robinson, Simon Wills, Nick Hutchinson, Nigel Cameron and Daniel Matwijiw.

Music: Tijuana Panthers – Money Jar.

Park by Convic Skateparks. Find out more at buildingournewcity.com.au.