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Gold Coast ripper Nathan Wright puts together some rad lines at Nerang skatepark in this clip for GC store Precinct Skate Shop.

Julius May at Cammeray

7pm // 20.05.2014

Julius knocks out a quick minute of ripping at Sydney's Cammeray skatepark in this clip from Karl Dorman.

After his release from prison in 2012, Tas regains his vert legs and returns to impressive form at The Shed skatepark. Filmed and edited by Greg Stewart.

All-terrain destroyer Cam Holling unleashes on Ormeau over a few hours in this exclusive edit by Luke Rigby.

Tas Pappas Lands The 900

6pm // 28.04.2014

After years of trying, Tas Pappas is the first Australian to land the 900. It went down on Anzac Day at the Megaranch.

Hoon Skateboards - Rooted

6pm // 08.04.2014

Rip into a fresh dose of raw shredding from Hoon Skateboards, featuring Pat Dandy, Andrew Currie, Cody Worrall, new recruit Mitchell "Mashy" Howse, Bugs Fardell, Dorfus, Phil Billingsby and Matt Cheney.

Andrew Brophy on The Cream

11pm // 02.04.2014

Brophy is now on The Cream team. Enjoy some clips of him ripping his local, Prahran skatepark, also with Yuta Tanaka and Dale Van Iersel.