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Slam Video Part of the Year - Lewis Marnell - 5-Incher

3am // 26.01.2013

The late, great Lewis Marnell never stopped improving and innovating on his skateboard. In 2011 he produced an incredible full-length part for The Nike SB Chronicles Volume One, and backed it up just over half a year later with this epic section in Almost Skateboards’ 5-Incher, released in June 2012. After calmly handling a knife-wielding pensioner, Lewie breezes through his ever-stylish flip tricks, laying down tech ledge lines and doing it all with his signature big smile. You, the readers, voted Lewis’ 5-Incher section winner of the 2013 Video Part of the Year Award. The $500 prize from our presenting partner will go direct to Lewis’ family. Lewis Marnell forever!