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Lewis Marnell Tribute: One Love

4am // 03.03.2013

Jason Hernandez has put together this touching tribute for his friend, Lewis Marnell. In Jason's words:

"We lost a skateboarder, a friend, and most of all a truly good person.

Lewis lived his life with Diabetes, the kind were you'd need to check your blood for it's insulin levels and give yourself a shot sometimes twice a day. Oh he'd let you know every day he had diabetes :) he'd ask before every spot, "Oi - how far is the nearest store, Oi - I need to eat, Oi - how long are we gonna be here? I need food" I look back at this and smile, at the time I'd be like, "c-mon really...?" He was really good a misplacing his insulin pen, I helped him find it quite a few times, and remember how psyched he'd be to find it under his mess of shopping bags he'd bring on every session, OHHHH the shopping bags - they'd be rustling around making all sorts of noise in the car, hotel room; he'd have all his gummy worms, sour patch kids, all sorts of sugary foods to keep his levels were they needed to be.

Lewis was legitimately a good person, he cared about what was going on in your life, he'd stop to talk with anyone, I mean anyone... A bum, the random lurker you don't want to talk to a the spot, anyone... We'd always be waiting on him cause he met some new friend at the skate spot/or wherever we stopped the car.

I miss you Lewis I hate to say I truly took you for granted and am sorry for every time I made you eat Subway cause I couldn't figure out your diet, I wish I could tell you all this in person... but I can't. So next time I will try and let the people I see daily know that I appreciate them, and stop to talk with them just a little longer.

R.I.P Lewis

Love you bud.

One Love.

Jason H"