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Street Montage

Enjoy the rad opening montage from UBG Vol. 1, featuring Bryce Golder, Jack Kirk, Tim Williams, Callum Paul, Digby Luxton and more.

UBG Vol. 1 Montage

10am // 31.05.2016

Check out the first montage from UBG Vol. 1 – a Melbourne video by Dylan Bruns.

Check out a new Melbourne street montage featuring Brett Royden, Nath Olver, Blake Harris, Mitch Carey and more.

Lincoln's Last Hurrah

4pm // 10.05.2016

Tricks for beers at the final barbecue bash to farewell Lincoln Square.

The heavy Canadian chapter of New World Element is live.

Hoddle Promo Video

11am // 22.04.2016

Check out the first video release from Melbourne brand Hoddle, featuring Simon Frazzetto, Jarrad Carlin and Caeylen Norris.

The Australian chapter of New World Element is here. Featuring new pro Dennis Durrant, Alex Lawton and many more.