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Street Montage

Shane Azar Raw

1am // 06.02.2015

Enjoy some rad raw footage of Azar charging the streets and a few parks while filming for the Quickflick video series, circa 2007/2008.

Adelaide's Victoria Square, known as Tarndanyangga to Indigenous Australians, was renovated last year and turned into one hell of an epic street plaza. Watch locals Clint Kenneally, Jack Bridges, Braydon Knoblauch and more shred the spot in this quality clip by Jarrod Knoblauch.

Enjoy a ripping new Melbourne street montage, featuring Jimmy Roche, Dean Palmer, Jack Kirk, Callum Paul, Dane Burman, Ambrose Kenny-Smith, Ryan Wilson, Jackson Pilz, Greg Stewart, Dave "Battlecat" Harris, Anthony Mapstone, Jonathan Fitzgerald, Mike Wale and more.

CLS - Blast From The Past

1am // 21.01.2015

Precinct Skate Shop's latest edit from the archives features Sydney's CLS crew, with rad '90s street ripping from Mick Yuen, Michael Davidson, Steve Tierney, Phil Mackie and Sid Tapia.

Ben and Brandon share a section in Newcastle homie video, Gronk Squad

Watch Jack Kirk, Callum Paul, Jimmy Roche, Jack Fagan, Elijah Robertson, Chase Collins, Mike Bancroft and more shredding the streets of Auckland. 

Habitat Melange Series

10pm // 07.01.2015

Check out some quick clips of Silas Baxter-Neal, Daryl Angel, Mark Suciu and Marius Syvanen.