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Street Montage

The Helas Mixtape

7pm // 23.12.2014

Enjoy 14 minutes of street shredding from Lucas Puig, Flo Mirtain, Brian Peacock, Luypa Sin, Felipe Gustavo and many more in this sick mixtape from the Hélas Caps crew.

Very GC

8pm // 18.12.2014

Check out this rad Gold Coast montage.

Enjoy a new, HD Melbourne street edit with ripping from Jeremy Corea, Nathan Jackson, Aaron Lister, Benny Fairfax, Yuta Tanaka, Justice Reid, Paul Battlay, Shane Mathewson, Christian Low, Sergio Reinhardt, Severin Von Ow and more.

Watch Trent Bonham attack the streets in this sick part from the 2004 self-titled Comic Skateboards promo video.

Butter Goods presents Indestructible – a sick street video filmed in Perth, Melbourne, New York, Austin and New Orleans, featuring Morgan Campbell, Alex Campbell, Casey Foley, Ben Gore, Phil Marshall, Philly Santosuosso and friends.

Watch Jake Duncombe, Kieran Reilly, Ryder Lawson, Dean Parsons, Blake Harris, Lewis Wood, Will Hine, Vaughan Marks, Cody Passfield, Fabi Surber and Cameron Markin shred the South Australian capital over 10 days.

Check out a new street montage from Scram Skateboards, featuring Daniel Sparrow, Zach Morrison, Nathen Zahra, Michael Herbert and more.