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Holy Stokes – Skankie in Sydney | Video

4pm // 17.06.2016

Go behind the scenes with Volcom's all-terrain freakshow Daan Van Der Linden, aka Skankie, in this exclusive edit filmed on a Holy Stokes Sydney trip. Also featuring Louie Lopez and the Volcom team. Video by Andrew Christie. Additional filming by Andrew Mapstone and others.

Buy Holy Stokes on iTunes to see Daan's insane full part and the rest of the boys destroying.

Check out some photos from last night's Gold Coast screening of Holy Stokes below.

Volcom ripper and TM Shane Azar with Jesse Noonan and Jackson Pilz, as seen flying over a fence in the film behind him.

Red, Blake Melbourne and Bugs Fardell.

Adam Bala and Sammy Fullwood down from Brisbane.

Nick Wilson, aka Brad Pitt, with Pharside Skate Shop's Tony Lawrence and Cocoa.

Alex Cole, Jordan Baunach, Dayne Searl and Nathan Wright.

Good blokes ready for the show.

This blurry photo may have something to do with the free beer. Thanks, Corona.

This definitely has something to do with the free beer ... or does it?