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Tour Videos

In the third and final episode, Tommy Fynn, Joel Mcilroy, Dennis Durrant and Alex Lawton make it to the nation's capital and waste no time ripping a heap of street spots and Woden skatepark. 

Watch Tommy Fynn, Dennis Durrant, Alex Lawton and Joel Mcilroy shred around Sydney on their road trip from The Bay to Canberra. 


The Dizzy Brizzy Tour

10pm // 15.12.2014

Check out the video from Japanese shop The Mint Skateboarding's week in Brisbane. 

South Island Escape

7pm // 09.12.2014

Jake Duncombe, Gabriel Summers, Pat Dandy, Corey Leso, Mitchell "Mashy" Howse, Richard Flude and Andrew Currie battle the brutal cold to shred New Zealand's South Island.

Antihero have dropped their epic new 27-minute video, featuring Tony Trujillo, Peter Hewitt, Frank Gerwer, Jeff Grosso, Grant Taylor, Robbie Russo, Chris Pfanner, Raney Beres, Andrew Allen, Andy Roy, Julien Stranger, Tony Miorana and more. Sit back and enjoy.

Hype Squad Canberra Trip

2am // 27.11.2014

Brisbane's Hype Squad crew recently hit the road to Canberra and ripped a bunch of parks on the way.

Volume Four's Nathan Jackson, Sammy Baca, Dee Ostrander and The Nuge hit the road to the USA's Northwest. Check out the clip, complete with an epic ender from NJ.