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Sydney's Kingpin Skate Supply have added Daniel "Sloth" Basargin to the team. Watch Sloth shred the streets in this clip filmed by Hans Dnombacs, John Dykyj and Jason Studdert.

Watch Jake Duncombe, Kieran Reilly, Ryder Lawson, Dean Parsons, Blake Harris, Lewis Wood, Will Hine, Vaughan Marks, Cody Passfield, Fabi Surber and Cameron Markin shred the South Australian capital over 10 days.

Precinct Skate Shop have put together this awesome little clip of Rome ripping a few Gold Coast spots back in the day.

Today is Shane Cross' 28th birthday. In celebration of one of skateboarding's most-loved and tragically lost legends, Precinct Skate Shop have put together this rad little tribute clip.

Dead Wolves Coops Troops

2am // 22.08.2014

Anthony Bull, Mitchell "Mashy" Howse, Pat Pollock and more shred the Coorparoo mini ramp while dodging Brisbane band Dead Wolves in this clip from Stuart Fogarty.

Song: The Furrs - Money.

Precinct Skate Shop have raided the archives and put together this awesome montage of the Gold Coast's long-gone gem, Nexus skatepark.

Dustin and Louie blazed in to visit Sports Desk to chat about Tony Hawk's balls and some other stuff.