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30 years Slam party

On Friday, December 14, we plastered the walls of the RVCA Gallery in Collingwood with every cover of Slam dating from 1988 to now.

A flash flood in Melbourne didn't stop a swarm of friends and fans of the mag to celebrate three decades covering Australian skateboarding.

The RVCA Greenhorns clip also premiered from a recent road trip as featured in our new issue – including Gabriel Summers, Sean Ryan, Mike Mieruszynski, Floyd Scott, Jack Kirk, Bryce Golder and Max Couling.

Enjoy some snaps from the night taken by Sebastien McNamara.

Presented by RVCA and Vans and supported by Melbourne Bitter and The True East.

01 Covers in every corner
Covers in every corner. 

02 Amy and Alex Lawton
Amy with our 2018 SOTY, Alex Lawton.

03 Ben Weir Danielle Corey Scotty Paris
Ben Weir, Danielle, cover boy Corey Leso, Beau and Paris. 

04 Josh Roberts first Look
First look with Josh Roberts.

05 alexbec Kimrenee
Alex, Bec, Kim and Renee. 

06Curtis Wade Zaza
Curtis Hay, Wade McLaughlin and Zaza. 

07 Mappy Jacob Martin Morgan Campbell
Anthony Mapstone and Jacob Martin with Morgan Campbell admiring Mappy's cover of issue 45. 

08 One of Burmans
Checking out one of Dane Burman's eight covers. Dane tops our list for the most Slam covers of all time. Find out in our new issue who is hot on his heels tied with seven covers each.

09 Niddy Kilderry
It wouldn't be a Slam party without Niddy and Nick Kilderry.

10 Kilderry Duncan
Duncan Ewington admires Kiderry's rock 'n' roll cover shot.

12 Bryce and TF
Bryce Golder and Trent Fahey.

13 Gregsie Doosie Simon
Vibes are high with Greg Stewart, Doosie and Simon Frazzetto.

14 Doosie Bol Mappy
Doosie, Bol and Mappy. 

15 Kinsman Greg Adam
The Kinsman brothers Mat and Adam flank Gregsie and his tender sav!

16 Ol Curty in a corner of covers
Covers, covers, covers! 

17 NJ and Trent Fahey with his cover
Nathan Jackson with his page one of issue 177. 

18 Tim Lincoln
Tim Hillier and Lincoln Jago.

19 Jamie and Kayle
Jamie and Kayle Lawson. Remember them from this epic article

20 morgan Steph Isabelle
Morgan, Steph and Isabelle. 

21 Caroline Alex
Caroline and Alex. 

22 RVCA Team
The illustrious Australian RVCA team: Mike Mieruszynski, Gabriel Summers, Bryce Golder, Max Couling and Sean Ryan. Read about these guys and check out the photos from their Greenhorns Tour in the 30 Year Anniversary Edition.

23 Glorious Hole of MB
A glorious hole of Melbourne Bitter.

24 Spot Slaw
Spot Slaw!

25 Ready for the RVCA tour prem
Ready for the RVCA Greenhorns showing.

26 its on note Mikey Ms kf indy
Mikey M kicky indy! What more could you want in life!?

27 Paul and Corey
The men that made our 30 Year Anniversary cover shot a reality. Legends, Paul Battlay and Corey Leso.

28 Dont miss this milestone
Don't miss this milestone magazine and grab your copy today. Available in Australia's leading skate shops and newsagents