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20pm // 21.12.2018

"In Sydney, on October 27, I loaded a van with an eclectic group of Australian skateboarders, crossed my fingers and plotted a trajectory which would see us in Brisbane at the end of a nine-day journey up the Australian East Coast.

"Best described as a balanced mix of distinguished legends and young trailblazers, the seven lads surrounding me had only recently been ordained the RVCA Australia Skate Team. With this trip being our maiden voyage, the excitement was high, and it didn't take long before we were treated to an array of idiosyncrasies, seamlessly spliced with unique, raw skateboarding talents that make this crew so special.

"As featured in Issue 221 of Slam Skateboarding, I'm incredibly excited to present the 'RVCA Greenhorns' tour video staring advocates Bryce Golder, Gabriel Summers, Jack Kirk, Floyd Scott, Mike Mieruszynski, Sean Ryan and Max Couling." – Cameron Sparkes

Filmed and edited by Cameron Sparkes.

Additional filming by George Kousoulis and Leo Townsend.

Track, "Living in Excellence" by Constant Mongrel.

Don't miss the RVCA Greenhorns article and much more in our 30 Year Anniversary Edition – available in Australia's leading skate shops and newsagents.

MikeM Melon 630
Mike Mieruszynski grabs melon on the Gold Coast – as seen in the new Slam. Photo by Sam Coady.