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14pm // 13.06.2019

The Totem Skateboarding crew got the legs warmed up at the Bucket of Gnar event at Bondi Beach skatepark on May 25, before hopping in the van and driving 420 kilometres to Tamworth for the grand opening of a new $1.7 million skatepark on May 26.
Along for the ride were Nixen Osborne, Noah Fuzi, Mashy [Mitchell Howse], Ryder Lawson, Levi Jarvis, Sam Sutton, Jack Paterson, Chris Vaughan and Mitch Robertom.
Video by Jack Diaz-Pethan. Photos by Cameron Markin.

Chris Vaughan vaughandiesel Frontside 5 0 drop
Chris Vaughan, stand-up grind off and in.

Levi Jarvis slappyspud Caveman 5050
Levi Jarvis, caveman 50-50.

Mitchell Howse mashhyy Heelie Monster
Mashy tail blocks the vert QP.

Nixen Osborne nixen osborne Danger In
Nixen Osborne takes the plunge with a danger in!

Noah Fuzi noahfuzi Back side Smith grind
Noah Fuzi puts on a show for the bikini-clad onlookers with a back Smith.

Tamworth Skatepark
Birdseye view of the all-new Tamworth skatepark.

Local Tamworth Skater Anaky Palmer Ribbon cutting
Tamworth local skater, Anaky Palmer, cuts the ribbon and opens the flood gates!

Jack Paterson j pat Bean Plant 2
Jack Paterson kicks things off with a bean plant.

Sam Sutton alliversutton board ups
Sam Sutton leaps a few boards with a little help from his homies.

Nixen Osborne nixen osborne Front side air
Nixen Osborne navigates a frontside air.

Mitch Robertom hurricaneseason kickflip frontside board slide
Mitch Robertom kickflip frontside boardslide.

Noah Fuzi noahfuzi Blunt to fakie
Noah brings this blunt in fakie.

Sam Sutton alliversutton Nose grind up
Sam goes against the grain and balances a backside nosegrind to the top.

Ryder Lawson ryderlawson 180 Reverse Nose Grind EDIT
Ryder Lawson twisted up mid frontside 180 reverse nosegrind.