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Burleigh Brewing CO. put on a comp of a different flavour that required some serious hops!

Last week, the Burleigh Taphouse transformed into a fully fledged skate contest. Shredders from all over the east coast came to huck for cold-hard cash prizes and brews straight from the source.

A best trick comp went down on a kicker-to-ledge set-up and we watched Jake Duncombe, Blake Harris and Beau Reid battle to back noseblunt it first. Beau Reid reeled it in and out fakie for one of the 10 x $100 cash prizes and two boxes of Burleigh Brewing brews.

A kicker comp over boxes of beers was up next and Dennis Durrant executed a spectacular frontside nollie heel among a bombardment of other beaut tricks.

With minimal run-up, the boys pushed hard for the longest leap over the kegs, and it wound down to just two skaters attacking 10 barrels. Joel McIlroy and Sam Atkins nailed 10, but the Geelong born-and-bred powerhouse, Sam Atkins, was the only one to clack a monster ollie big enough to clear 11.

Sam took the golden growler trophy, $1k and 24 cartons of Burleigh Brewing’s finest craft beers. 

Filmed and edited by Leigh Bolton. Additional filming by Josh Hamilton.

Sam Keg 630
The beers are on Sam Atkins! Photo by Troy Archer.