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A collection with no barriers by a woman with no barriers.

The Nora Capsule is a reflection of the rider’s own personal style and what she appreciates about skateboarding, “The beauty is that [skateboarding] is accessible to anyone if they are willing to try it.” Her style is self-described as, “… all over the place. I like wearing men’s pants with women’s blouses.” Nora is open, has no barriers.

The Nora Capsule is a collection for everyone. The campaign is a personal invitation to the rider’s hometown, offering a glimpse into what inspires her work. It portrays Nora the skater while offering candid moments that reveal her fun and open personality that invites anyone and everyone to participate.

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H22242 Apparel 5.jpg 530739

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Hit your local skate shop for Nora's new range or shop online HERE.