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Precinct Skate Shop and DC teamed up to transform the Gold Coast's Home Of The Arts amphitheatre into a picturesque skateable plaza on Sunday just gone.

The invitational saw skaters from all over the country taking cash-for-tricks before the main event, which was down the three-block and the palm-tree flanked rail.

New Plan B pro, Tommy Fynn, smashed it and took the win, while local Mitch Morrison was runner up and Jesse Brodbeck took the bronze.

Filmed by Josh Hamilton and Liam Wall. Edited by Josh Hamilton. 

01 hota630
Photos by Tamas Keefer. 

02 Crowd
The crowd converges. 

03 Mitch Tre
Mitch Morrison warms things up with a 360 flip. 

04 Chase Jim
Jim Perry and Chase Jaeger keeping the hype high. 

05 Shaun Paul
DC flew Shaun Pall in to perform perfect back noseblunts. 

06 Tommy kickflip
Tommy Fynn's proper kickflip catch! 

07 Switch Crook Michael Davidson
Australian street skateboarding legend, and now DC's new TM, Micheal Davidson hit the plaza with some dope tricks – like this 'ere crooks through the kink. 

08 Riley ben michael
Riley Pavey, Ben Ventress and Davo looking for a line at the ledges. 

09 Nick law
Nick Law has an overcrooks that's one for the books. 

10 crew 
Rob Pace, Pavey, Trent Riley and Nathan Jackson chewin' the fat.

11 sam atkins blunt
Sam Atkins front blunt shove! 

12 Tommy kickflip nosegrind
Tommy Fynn locks and loads a kicky nosegrind. 

13 Sam nick julian
Nick Law and Sam Atkins each score a bottle of Jameson from Julian Lee. 

14 Jesse wave
Jesse Brodbeck ripped into third place.

15 Nollie back heel
Mitch Morrison nollie back heeled into second.

16 Half cab flip
Tommy Fynn was too good and smashed it for first place. 

17 Trent tommy
Trent Bonham hands over $1250 and Black Barrel bottle of Jamo.