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Left Field

Damo and Darren of "ciggie-butt brain" fame are back, and this time they're in a very familiar setting...

Spend an afternoon with Sydney ripper and funny bugger Tom Loveder as he hits up a few spots around South Sydney in episode one of a new series by Palace Productions.

Richie Jackson has made this music video for the band Moon Duo.

Check out Focused Furniture, a new company created by Melbourne's Kris Whiting and Dustin Hodge, who make and restore old furniture using broken skateboards. 

Melbourne's Fast Times Skateboarding have joined with the one and only Nick Cave for a limited edition collection.

Precinct Skate Shop's latest edit from the archives features Gold Coast ripper Marlon West. 

This long, curved boardslide from Mark Gonzales is insane. The Gonz can't be stopped! 

Watch Alex Lawton, Dennis Durrant, Mikey Mendoza, Dylan Hughes, Joel Wilshere, Mitch Morrison, Woody Butwilowsky and more ripping a custom set-up in Brisbane's Brunswick Street Mall. 

Wearing what appears to be a dress, Corbin takes a helicopter ride to skate an empty shopping centre.

Australia's Clowd Distribution presents Redline boards.