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Left Field

Cliche's new "Where Is?" series is out now.

See what it took for Jesse "Red" Noonan to get a gnarly feeble grind down the Casey Hall rail in this clip filmed by Jim Dandy and Ferg Green. Red shreds!

Converse Cons riders Kenny Anderson, Sammy Baca, Mike Anderson, Bryce Golder and Dean Palmer rip the Cons Project Melbourne warehouse.

Earlier this year Skateboarding Australia took their Skateboard Hubs coaching clinic, along with DC riders Jake Hayes, Bugs Fardell and Casey Ainsworth, over to Indonesia for a fortnight of free skate jams.

This is awesome. Dill provides some ruthless and hilarious self-commentary while watching his classic part from the Alien Workshop video.

It didn't come easy for Tas. Greg Stewart was there with camera in hand for many of his attempts leading up to the day Tas rolled away from the two-and-a-half rotations that had eluded him for 20 years.

Jake enjoys a soggy shred at a drenched Waterloo skatepark.

The Birdman has dropped a new video part consisting of crazy doubles (and even one triple) antics.

Jake's a happy little Vegemite for his new CSX Pro Theeve Truck – out now.

See the video from Melbourne's Payne Street Pool, with ripping from Jake Duncombe, Tas Pappas, Scott Standley, Steve Kelly, RJ Barbaro, Brodie Sellars, Vaughan Marks, Ken Stewart and Brett Royden.