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01 950
Welcome to Rome Torti’s Skateopia.

Today we remember our friend and talented photographer, Rome Torti, on his 35th birthday. Rome was an obsessive collector of skateboarding memorabilia, including: boards, magazines, videos, DVDs and anything else you can imagine a self professed skate nerd would acquire. He called this haven that he set up in his humble home Skatetopia.

When Rome lost his long battle with brain cancer in 2014 his collection was packed up and stowed away. His parents Jill and Peter have worked tirelessly this year to have a room set up for his 35th birthday, and they gave us a sneak peek of his bedroom turned skate museum to show you all. A place his son Ryder will always feel close to his legendary dad.

Photos by Darren Kirby.

02 950
Rome’s first set up.

03 950
Rome’s first Nikon camera atop of many, many magazines.

04 950
Rome’s beloved board wall.

Take some time today to reflect on Rome's life by reading through our tribute article here.

Rome Torti Opening shot 950