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Shocking video has emerged of a driver ramming through a large crowd of skateboarders celebrating Go Skateboarding Day in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The footage shows a black Ford EcoSport speeding through a street – which had been cordoned off for Go Skateboarding Day – and ramming skateboarders. One skater appears on the bonnet of the car and it looks like he’s attempting to kick the shit out of the windscreen.

“The car was dragging the skaters. There were people on top of the hood,” Edgar Victor later explained to UOL Daily News. “They started to scream, to skate away, and when they got up here, the windows [of the car] were already broken.”

Fortunately there were no fatalities but there were multiple injuries including a fractured leg. A lawyer named Matilde Alves de Araujo whose brother suffered the broken leg said, ”What he did is an attempted murder.”

One of the most bizarre facts that has since emerged is that the 55-year-old man behind the wheel had two passengers in the car, including his 80-year-old mother. He was arrested after surrendering to police yesterday. He said he didn’t stop after multiple collisions for fear of being lynched by the mob.

Sao Paulo police said he would be charged with intentional corporal injury, fleeing the scene of a crime and reckless endangerment.

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