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Highlights from the Totem Skateboarding competition held at Waterloo on the weekend.

Filmed and edited by Jack Diaz-Pethan. Additional filming by George Kousoulis. Photos by Cameron Markin.

IMG 0076
Billy Lukins signs up.

IMG 0222
The groms show their support!

IMG 0211
Frontside nosegrind.

IMG 0430
Corey Young, so very apt, Waterloo grind.

IMG 0462
Dean Palmer, switch kickflip.

IMG 0470
Cody Riley, balances a backside nosegrind.

IMG 0388
Noah Nayef, 180 reverse nosegrind.

IMG 0023
Noah Papadopoulos, backside tailslide.

IMG 0544
Billy Lukins, fakie flip.

IMG 0545
Sam Sutton, kickflip front board.

IMG 0626
A happy bunch of winners with some giant cheques.


Under 12:
1st: Daniel Woolley – A year’s supply of Beach Burritos
2nd: Eddy Blakey
3rd: Max Cooper

Under 17s:
1st: Kieran Woolley – A year’s supply of Beach Burritos 
2nd: Ben Hehessey
3rd: Oscar Hickey

Open Female:
1st: Jade Ryan – $1,500 and a year’s supply of Beach Burritos 
2nd: Lilly McElliot – $1,000
3rd: Vanessa Miles – $750

Open: 1st: Jack Paterson – $1,500 and a year’s supply of Beach Burritos 
2nd: Mikey Mendoza – $1,000
3rd: Billy Lukins – $750

Under 16 Best Trick
Six set: Sean Newton – varial heel – $125
Kicker: Oscar Hickey – benihana late shove – $125

Open Best Trick
Six set: Ben James – nollie 360 flip front board – $125
Kicker: Danny Campbell – Fakie 540 – $125