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As far as skateboarding competitions go, Skate of Origin is on the fast and loose end of the spectrum. We took a step away from the stadiums, minute-runs, heats and finals, instead throwing a bunch of skateboarders into a few vans for a comp that is more resemblant of a real skate trip.

The twist? State pride was on the line. We grabbed five skateboarders to represent each state of the east coast of Australia – Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria – and sent them to Canberra for a week. Each team had a van, a photographer, a filmer, lights, a generator and a book of trick challenges to complete. The incentive to win comes in the form of $10k prize money from Red Bull.

The concept was to bring the best out in every skateboarder who was invited while pulling together some eye-catching footage for three amazing team clips. We wanted Australia’s best skateboarders to try tricks that they probably wouldn’t have tried without some prompting from a strange book of individual challenges. But we also decided to create challenges that would be doable and fun and that would make for a good time.

The rules were relatively simple: tricks in the book were worth set amounts of points, plus each skater could get an individual trick of their own choosing for a maximum of 200 points. Then there is also a 500-point bonus for the team who comes out with the best clip.

Check out each video and vote for your favourite HERE. The winning team will be announced in the next Slam Skateboarding Magazine, out July 4.

Featuring Jake Hayes, Dane Burman, Jack O’Grady, Rob Pace and Noah Nayef.

Filmed and edited by George Kousoulis.