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The Snake Run


Time for an Australian skateboarding history lesson. Check out this rad 20-minute documentary on Western Australia's Albany Snake Run – the oldest existing skatepark in the world, built in 1976.

A film by Matt and Tim Zafir.

"In 1976 a rag-tag mob of surfers and high school students poured the world’s first downhill skateboarding track. Unknown to the broader community and even the local townsfolk, the Albany Snake Run is infamous amongst the skateboarding community and attracts many enthusiast pilgrims from across the globe. Today, it remains a relic of the past, modestly waiting to test any rider who dares to test its weathered concrete surface. The Snake-Run documents the passion of the local grass roots surf and skate culture. A movement that lead to the construction of the oldest existing skate track in the world and the extent of its influence can be felt from South America to the United States and Europe."

[Editor's note] At a guess, possibly 12 to 15 pro tours have been to Albany – not pros per year.