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Vans and Pass-Port Curb Party Video


Enjoy the epic video from the Vans x Pass~Port curb party held in Melbourne last weekend, featuring Callum Paul, Nik Stipanovic, Josh Pall, Trent Evans, Ryan Wilson, Ben Currie, Digby Luxton, Jimmy Roche, Dean Palmer and more.

Filmed by Cameron Sparkes, James Robertson and Dylan Bruns. Edited by Sparkes.

Photos below by Andrew Mapstone.

VansXPassportSk8SetUp Mapstone

The set up. Ready to rip with slappies galore, including a customised Vans side-stripe curb. Genuis.

NikStipoFsFeebleVansXPassport Mapstone

Stipo dishes out a tasty front feeble.

CallumPaulRainbowRailVansXPassport Mapstone

Callum grinds the rainbow bike rack.

FloydScottBsOverkrooksGrindVansXPassport Mapstone

Floyd Scott styles an overcrook.

JoshPaulOllieOverBsSmithVansXPassport Mapstone

Josh Pall, ollie over to back Smith.

BenCurrieUTE5050VansXPassport Mapstone

Ben Currie 50-50s the top bar before whipping into a lipslide down the kicker.

MaxwellMapstoneUTERideVansXPassport Mapstone

Andrew Mapstone's son Maxwell gettin' some.

ScottyStandleySwitchNoseGrindVansXPassport Mapstone

Scotty Standley switch nosegrinds the beaut ute.

TrentEvansNoseslideVansXPassport Mapstone

Pass~Port bossman, top bloke and downright ripper Trent Evans with a tall noseslide.

Watch the Vans x Pass~Port collection video here.