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Vans Skateboarding Club – Ainslie, ACT | Video and Photos


The Vans Australia team enjoy a long weekend in Canberra, with Callum Paul, Jack Kirk, Ben Currie, Floyd Scott, Nik Stipanovic and Ethan Copeland. Filmed and edited by George Kousoulis.

Words and photos below by Andrew Mapstone.

17 VansCanberraApril16 Mapstone

After receiving weekly photos from Floyd Scott showing off his Canberra spots, and a few pics of Jack “Dad Cam” Dowden getting messy, the boys decided a Canberra mission was on the cards.

01JackKirkCanberraBluntslideFakie Mapstone
Jack Kirk, frontside bluntslide to fakie.

We packed up our rides in Melbourne and Sydney and met up in The Capital. The drive from Melbourne was long and boring, but without Callum Paul and Jack Kirk in the van it was peaceful and easy. Jack had his heart set on driving up in his own whip, with a 50/50 chance of his ride blowing up by Albury. If it did, it was all my fault.

02CallumCanberraBankBsFlip Mapstone
Callum Paul, backside flip.

George Kousoulis, aka Zoolz, was the man behind the lens and he timed his arrival from Sydney perfectly. Floyd knocked off work for the week, and the skating began. A fair way behind, Jack and Callum made a late start but the boys were soon to make up for it. Their antics off the board continued all weekend, pissing off the locals and messing with me.

16FloydCanberraJamBlunt Mapstone
Floyd Scott, nose jam danger over.

We skated all day and ended up at the Ainslie Football Club each night for a feed and some chit chat, often with surprise guests like Matt Cheney and retired skaters talking of days past.

09HowardCanberraKickflipBsLipslide Mapstone
Howard, kickflip backside lipslide.

Howard Palmer, a frequent visitor to Canberra and an Ainslie Club Member was a pleasant addition to the trip. Howard went above and beyond all of our expectations, putting his body on the line for The Guy Stokes Channel.

15StipoChiller Mapstone
05StipoInvert Mapstone
Stipo, invert.

Poor Nik Stipanovic tweaked his ankle on the first day of the trip, but managed to sneak a few clips in beforehand.

03BenCurrieCanberraBsTailslide Mapstone
Ben, backside tailslide.

Cuzza (Ben Currie, the Cuzza from Melbourne) skated every spot even if no-one else wanted to.

06RhinoCanberraSundayCarve Mapstone
Rhino, wallride.

Ryan Wilson kept my ears on a high with the best beats one can play on a mini-speaker.

10EthanBelcoInvert Mapstone
Ethan, invert.

A highlight of the trip was getting Ethan Copeland out on the sessions. He meshed well with the boys and got his street-shred on. He’s a tiny kid with a massive heart and a big set of nuts. He rips.

04VansCBRcrew2 Mapstone
08VansCBRgang Mapstone
13VansCBRcrew Mapstone

12DeanCanberraNoComplyWallie Mapstone
Dean Johnson, no comply.

11CallumSlappy Mapstone
Callum slappies through the corner.

07FloydCanberraBankBsTailslide Mapstone
Floydos, back tail.

Thanks to Floyd for showing the boys a great time. Next time we head out to Ainslie, the club will be demanding we sign up as members.